Your success is our success!

In the end, it's all about Results. That's what we do... we focus on driving results to you. Your business is unique, so we deliver digital strategies that are unique. We understand that each business has very different goals, and to reach those goals you must take different paths. We don't fit our clients into a mold, we offer marketing services that are inline with your audience and business objectives.

Social Media Management

Why do I need Social Media Management?

Everyone and especially your customers live on social media. These days people want current information and news, and where do they get it… on social platforms (or like Grandpa says “on the Facebook”). So it makes sense to be where everyone is at, even Grandpa. Managing your social platforms is an effective way to increase engagement, create more visibility, and to communicate with your followers.

We’ve got you covered, so sit back, relax, have a cup ‘o joe and let us manage your social platforms. Learn More


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has completely changed the way businesses acquire leads, new customers, increase revenue, web traffic, build email lists, promote brand awareness, and much more. It’s also fast, measurable and cost efficient if you know how to target the right audience.

Let’s look at Facebook just as one example.  To put things in perspective, approximately 80% of all internet users are using Facebook… that’s over 2 billion monthly users! That’s quite literally a sea of people, and Facebook knows pretty much everything about them.  That’s good news for you because we can help you reach the ones that matter specifically to your business.  So every dollar is spent on reaching and engaging the right audience, not random people. That’s target marketing. Learn More


Responsive Web Design

Hey, we know web design can be a real challenge.  You need a creative design, quality content, high-resolution images and it all needs to be on-brand, fully responsive, and deployed using secure socket layer (SSL) connectivity.  Oh, and you need it done like yesterday! Let’s face it, your website is the face of your business. That’s where we come in…

We’ll work with you to bring this all together.  Our website design and development services are scalable for businesses of all sizes.  

Our graphic design and SEO team is ready to take on any project from a small blog to a large e-commerce driven corporate website.  So let’s get started! Learn More


Shared Cloud Hosting

We offer the best-shared hosting to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and industries. We don’t compare ourselves to the HostGators, GoDaddy’s or any other “money-saving” hosting services. We take pride in offering a premium shared hosting experience. If you are looking for the best-shared hosting rather than the cheapest, then we can help you.

All of our servers are hosted by Liquidweb in their industry-leading datacenters. Liquidweb’s three privately-owned, state-of-the-art data center facilities in Lansing, Michigan are operated 24/7/365 by their onsite Heroic Support® staff. With a staff of highly-trained technicians, their US-Central data centers feature some of the quickest response times in the industry. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sooo, you want to be on the first page of Google, huh? And you want to know how to get on there today? Well, you can… guaranteed, for ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!!  Ok, but seriously, do your potential new customers know that your business exists? Do they know how and where to find you?  Probably not, if you’re reading this…

That’s OK, we can help you get there.  We’ll discuss your goals, do a keyword analysis, strategically embed keywords into your web content and initiate other SEO strategies that will place your business in front of the right audience.  We’ve been helping businesses increase their visibility online for many years and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you too. Learn More


Accessibility Widget

Accessibility doesn’t just apply to your business location, it applies to your website too. Is your website compliant? Put your users first, regardless of what disabilities they may have while ensuring your site is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1.

We offer the world’s most advanced website accessibility technology and popular AI-powered accessibility compliance solution that ensures your website provides a digital experience that meets and exceeds WCAG 2.1 AA requirements, as required by the ADA and other governmental and regulatory bodies. Learn More


Branding & Design

Simply stated… we help you tell your story!

There’s so much more to branding than a colorful logo and a new look.  Your brand is your story – it’s the impression your business leaves in the mind of your clients, prospects, and anyone who sees you.

Communicating your story clearly and consistently can be challenging.  You have the passion, the vision and you know your business, but you still struggle with keeping up with the marketplace. That’s why we are here!

We love learning about people and telling a good story. We will help you design and develop a strong brand strategy so your audience will take notice and sets you apart from your competition. Learn More


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